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Raw Honey Combo Pack


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At Norea, we don't support wild honey or forest honey. Since we believe it is necessary to encourage & support the livelihoods of beekeepers. To us, honey without beekeepers is like farming without farmers. And we feel very strongly about it.

We ensure that the raw honey is of the highest quality it goes through stringent FSSAI lab tests to ensure that there are No Added Sugar, No Rice Syrups & No Antibiotics. Just Pure, Natural & Raw Multi-Floral Honey. Just the way honey should taste.

We offer 2 kinds of Raw Honey:

Multi-Floral Honey - This is the honey we mostly consume and are used to.

Mono-Floral White Honey - This is a special kind of honey harvested during winters from mustard plantations. Looks very different from the multi-floral honey. It's floral in taste & creamy in texture. (PS. we're on our last batch of white honey)

Combo Pack - 1 Multifloral 600g + 1 White Honey 700g