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Navara rice finds mention in ancient Ayurvedic text like 'Ashtanga Hridaya' and 'Susruta Samhita' which refers to it as a 'pious grain' used on auspicious occasions." It has been used in Ayurvedic treatment from ancient times and prescribed as a healthy food for people of all ages.

1. It's considered a safe food for diabetes patients.
2. Replacing polished white rice with Navara rice helps in weight management, by replacing polished white rice (carb-rich) with Navara rice which is protein-rich.
3. Navara rice has high levels of fibre, thus helping in treating bloating and constipation.
4. Health food for babies: Navara rice powder cooked with brown sugar or jaggery and milk is found to be a nourishing food for babies and a great natural substitute for the baby food available in supermarkets.
5. Navara Milk Porridge: Boiled milk mixed with cooked Navara rice is easily digestible and used as a healthy food for older people.
6. Navara rice can be powdered and then mixed with milk and can be taken in the form of cereal.

Organic Navara Rice is rich in antioxidants and has two or three times as much zinc and iron as white rice.
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