Certified-Organic Sesame Oil


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Our Favourite Cold-Pressed Oil for Salad Dressing.

NOREA® 100% Certified-Organic Cold-Pressed Sesame Oil is made from organic sesame seeds grown by farmers communities. Processed using cold-press oil extraction method, which maintains the nutrition, flavour, and natural aroma of the oil. Therefore it has a light colour and mild aroma making

Its an excellent replacement for imported olive oil for salad dressings. 


Bringing you Certified-Organic/Chemical-free Food in Sustainable Packaging.

- we sell food that is grown and not manufactured

- NO CHEMICALS, grown without the use of chemicals and pesticides

- NO PLASTICS, all our products are packaged in glass bottles, cotton bags or corrugated boxes

- we SUPPORT THE FARMERS to ensure that they continue to grow amazing food for your family