Our Story

Sometime in late 2017, I got curious about how food gets to our table. It took me a few months of research to figure out that no single person in the entire food supply chain knew where the food comes from aka. traceability.
It is a complex network of middlemen, transporters and mandi repeated over and over again at the local, district, state and national level. Before our food reaches a retail outlet or supermarket. A system where the farmer, the actual person responsible for grown our food is at the periphery, instead of the centre.

The nature of the system led to multiple chronic distortions like:
- the financial distress of farmers.
- lack of incentive to grow pesticide-free or certified-organic food.
- excessive use of fungicides, insecticides and pesticides in vegetables; and growth hormones and carbide in fruits.

We want to create a new system, where the farmers, the actual person responsible for grown our food are at the centre.

We accomplish this by incentivising farmers to grow pesticide-free and certified-organic food while offering logistics support.

Enabling Norea offers the freshest and tastiest food to your family. I hope that you will support us in creating a world where farmers are happy to grow organic food for your family.


Kunal Arora  
Founder, NOREA